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Trans led health and trans community care clinic.

15/03/2020 / 12:00 18:00

Trans led health clinic illu


Due to safety reasons and fire regulations, from now on we will only receive clients by appointment, so make sure to book a visist by sending an email to the following email address:
Please include your name, date of birth, mobile contact number and if it is your first visit or if you come to get a repeated prescription.

This is an extra clinic comming up on December 8. There is no possibility to make a reservation for Adrie that day. Because it is full. But there is still space for recipes in our agenda.

The regular clinic is on December 15. This day, Alex is absent, there is no space for recipes. December 15, Only our doctor (Adrie van Diemen) handled appointments already made for this day. So be aware: If you need medication, you can do it on December 8. Otherwise, the next option will be January 19, 2020.


The 100 % trans lead health clinic by Trans United Nederland and Elagabalus by Dr Adrie Van Diemen, supported by COC Nederland will take place October 19th at our new location in Oudezijdsvoorburgwal 97A

Depathologization of trans people is the main motive why Dinah de Riquet-Bons and Adrie van Diemen founded their clinic 2 years ago.
We are not sick we simply need medical and sometimes other help such as psychological, psychiatric, social work care or help.

Our methods of working :

We follow ICD 11 protocols/guideliness by World Health Organisation on Gender incogruency.

We work holistic and provide prescriptions for hormon therapy.
We redirect to P&G292 with whom we work very closely, GGD Amsterdam and all mayor hospitals and HIV clinicians where you can have check-ups, we redirect towards housing and homelessness aid through our partner Hvo-Querido and P&G292, lawyers can be ordered through Proud Nederland.

Consultations are with our doctor Adrie van Diemen. It is possible to get a self-paid prescription that you can use at designated regular pharmacy. Sherry Jae Ebere is our doctor’s assistant and first point of contact, Alejandra Ortiz is your host and migrant sexworkers coordinator.

In case of issues of payment, we can try to organize things with Trans United Nederland. It is officially done by doctor Adrie van Diemen who is BIG certificated for this. She as well can arrange a letter to change your gender marker to the wished gender marker in passports. All kind of questions in a private one on one doctor’s appointment can be answered during your appointment.

We hope to see you all again at our new location at the Oudezijdsvoorburgwal 97 A

This initiative is realized by founder and director Dinah de Riquet-Bons and Dr. Adrie van Diemen with help of Gemeente Amsterdam.

NOTE: When you visit our clinic know we take time for clients/patients. Have patience and know a visit to our clinic is a day away experience. Next to visiting us the community and networking experience is important as well. You might connect and make new friends, take lecture, games or anything relaxing with you ♥

We look forward to receive your email.

#depath #transcommunity #wearenotsick #wejustneedmedicalhelp #transcommunity #sexworkersrights #transpower


12:00 – 18:00
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Trans United Europe/Trans BPOC European network
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Oudezijdsvoorburgwal 97 A

Oudezijdsvoorburgwal 97 A
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